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Richard KingAlthough there is a great deal about me on My Other Web Sites a brief outline is as follows:

I am a Chartered Engineer (registered with the Engineering Council), Professional Engineer in North American terminology, and a Corporate Member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

My entry into the engineering profession was somewhat by accident via a Student Apprenticeship at an engineering company in Colchester and a Higher National Diploma Course at North East Essex Technical College, now The Colchester Institute.

That was followed by an Engineering Degree from Brunel University, to which I returned, while in the aerospace industry, for a Master's Degree in Non-Metallic Materials.

I registered for a PhD in statistics related to design allowable properties for composite materials at the University of Surrey, having already done about three quarters of the work, but had to relinquish that due to a sudden career change.

My non-engineering side developed from philosophical interests combined with visiting my first Healer, Ted Fricker, in 1979 in connection with problems I had with Petit Mal (very mild epilepsy, the "sacred disease" of antiquity due to the level of connection).

The major events came in the early 1990s. it is these which constitute the major content of my book, "Remembering Lorelei".

I now have a broad understanding of esoteric matters and no problems combining them with my technical and scientific knowledge; at the quantum and cosmological level, they are all one and the same.

I am equally comfortable with non-physical energies as I am with physical energies; similarly with non-physical fields and physical fields.

From the non-physical point of view, I am a Healer with a degree of psychic ability in that I am clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient, at appropriate times, i.e., I am able to see, hear and feel at levels beyond the physical. Having developed, remembered, been reminded of those abilities in the early 1990s, they have long been second nature.

Joining the Scientific and Medical Network was a natural development as was attending meetings in the South of England, London and, in due course, the annual "Mystics and Scientists Conference", usually held at the University of Winchester, formerly King Alfred's College, Winchester.

Although I need to be careful to take into account the comfort with which I can handle such matters compared with many people, I am in a position where I am a welcome visitor to such events as a Conference of the Spirituality and Psychiatry Group of the Royal College of Psychiatrists at King's College Hospital, London. That Conference was "Beyond Death - Does Consciousness Survive", in 2004, ironically the year my mother was terminally ill through the summer, during which my knowledge was extended further through many hours of pre-death experiences; approximately seventy hours of experiences over about sixteen weeks.

Thanks, principally, to my membership of the Scientific and Medical Network, I am able to count several members of the medical profession, including Fellows of the Royal College of Psychiatrists among my friends and acquaintances.