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Jo and I have been married since 1972 and have two children, Tim and Emma.

We have been through many difficult years together and herein lies a tale, so to speak.

Jo had a serious operation in March 1996 at St Mary's Hospital Portsmouth. As I am a Healer, I lay on the bed at home, during that afternoon, to be with her in my way, only to see Lorelei with her at the Hospital. Lorelei was with Jo before the operation, during it and beyond.

While visiting Valerie, a friend of Jo's, on the way back from a visit to the Hospital, I said Lorelei was more like a sister to Jo. Lorelei immediately corrected that to "Celestial Sister".

For some reason it was not until several years later and other events that the full import of the term "Celestial Sister" sank in.

Celestial Sister means Soul sister, that is Sister at the Soul Family level, or as near to it as one can get using physical world relationship terminology.

I needed someone strong to accompany me in this lifetime and Lorelei suggested, recommended, her own sister, Jo. The logic is that the relationship between Jo and I is equivalent, the Soulmate level; that would explain a great deal.

In a sense, Jo is Lorelei's "little sister", though, really, they complement each other. Jo is, in a sense, gentler, more subdued. If Lorelei is loud and bright colours, Jo is quieter and pastel colours.

We have all been through many physical lifetimes together, in different roles and will do so again in the future, in the linear time sense.